Study Guide

The Help Chapter 13

By Kathryn Stockett

Chapter 13

  • Minny works with Aibileen and Skeeter for the next two weeks, telling her story while Skeeter tries to write it all down.
  • One night when Skeeter's at home typing, Charlotte actually comes up the stairs to Skeeter's room. She's all excited because none other than Stuart Whitworth is here to see Skeeter.
  • It's been three months since their first date and Skeeter is just now getting over it. He apologizes for his drunken disorderliness and rudeness. He wasn't ready for a date. He wasn't over his break-up with another girl.
  • He asks Skeeter to dinner. She says no, but then changes her mind.
  • At dinner, when Stuart asks her what she wants out of life, she says, "I want to be a writer."
  • Stuart tells her, "I've been thinking about you. You're smart, you're pretty, […] you're tall" (13.71). After dinner, Stuart kisses her, right there in the restaurant.
  • A few weeks later, Skeeter is at the library and she finds a little booklet titled, "Compilation of Jim Crow Laws of the South." Skeeter has never seen these laws in print before and is "mesmerized by how many laws exist to separate us" (13.89).
  • She realizes these laws are just like Hilly's outside-bathroom project. She steals the booklet, since she can't check it out without the librarian gossiping about it.
  • Next, she goes to the Junior League meeting. The ladies have heard about Stuart and seem truly excited for her. Hilly suggests they double date. Skeeter would rather be alone with Stuart.
  • Her mother, Charlotte, has an appointment, so Skeeter has to rush off before the meeting ends.
  • At home, Skeeter realizes she left her satchel behind. It has all the work she's been doing with Aibileen and Minny. She calls Hilly and finds out Hilly has it at home with her.
  • She knows Hilly loves to snoop, so she's very worried and prays the whole drive to town. After she drops Charlotte at the doctor office, she goes to Hilly's.
  • Skeeter can tell Hilly's angry. She's seen something, but Skeeter doesn't know what. Only the Jim Crow pamphlet is missing.
  • The book notes are in a pocket and don't seem tampered with. Hilly slams the door after Skeeter.