Study Guide

The Help Chapter 2

By Kathryn Stockett

Chapter 2

  • On the bus home, Aibileen warns Minny that Hilly might accuse her of stealing.
  • Minny calls Aibileen at home soon after. Hilly's sending Miss Walters (Aibileen calls her Miss Walter, but Minny calls her Miss Walters) to a nursing home and, sure enough, Minny's out of a job.
  • Aibileen promises to look out for a new job for her.
  • Later, Minny calls Aibileen at the Leefolts'. Hilly's been telling people Minny's a thief. That's why Minny can't find a job. Aibileen says she knows Minny doesn't steal.
  • Minny says she did "worse" (2.117) than stealing, though. She won't say what exactly…something about Hilly and a pie.
  • That night, Aibileen writes her prayers. She's written them since she left school in seventh grade, to help support her family. Aibileen's prayers are much in demand. Minny recently tells her, "We all on a party line to God, but you, you setting right in his ear" (2.143).
  • It's been three days and Minny still hasn't found work.
  • Celia Foote calls and Aibileen answers the phone at the Leefolts'. Celia's been in town a year, and wants to ask Elizabeth to recommend a maid.
  • Aibileen remembers that the ladies shun Celia because she married Hilly's ex-boyfriend.
  • Aibileen pretends to ask Elizabeth, then tells Celia to call Minny at home. Minny is working at Miss Walter's one last time before she goes to the nursing home.
  • Before Aibileen can call and give Minny the heads up about Celia's call, Elizabeth comes in.
  • By the time Aibileen calls Minny at Miss Walter's, Celia has already gotten the number from Minny's husband Leroy, and called over there. Miss Walter talked to her.
  • Miss Walters knows about the pie. Minny's last hope for a job is gone.
  • That afternoon, Elizabeth tells Aibileen to use the new outside bathroom from now on.