Study Guide

The Help Chapter 23

By Kathryn Stockett

Chapter 23

  • Aibileen's been making up "secret stories" (23.8) to tell Mae Mobley. Mae Mobley loves them.
  • Since Mae Mobley's favorite show is My Favorite Martian, Aibileen tells her a story about "a wise Martian" (23.17) named Martian Luther King. He's nice but some people don't like him, "Cause [he's] green" (23.25).
  • Now it's late October, and the ladies, minus Skeeter, meet at Elizabeth's for bridge.
  • Celia Foote shows up, wanting to help with the Benefit at the Robert E. Lee Hotel on November 15th. Hilly says they don't need help, but she sells Celia tickets so she and Johnny can go.
  • Celia lets slip that her maid is Minny Jackson and that (she thinks) Elizabeth secretly recommended her.
  • After Celia leaves, Aibileen hears the ladies plotting to find out how Minny got that job, even though "that Nigra [is] a thief" (23.67).