Study Guide

The Help Chapter 24

By Kathryn Stockett

Chapter 24

  • Minny narrates this chapter. Aibileen calls and tells her that all the ladies now know she's working for Celia. When Celia gets home, she won't tell Minny anything.
  • She only wants to "keep up her charade" (24.9) and have Minny out before Johnny comes home.
  • Aibileen calls Minny the next morning to report that Hilly and Elizabeth think Minny made up Elizabeth's recommendation. So, Aibileen (who told the lie) isn't implicated, at least. Minny is relieved.
  • Later, Hilly calls. Minny pretends to be someone else, and claims Minny quit and Celia is out of town. The lies continue.
  • Three days later, when Minny goes to work, Celia asks her about the big cut on her forehead. Minny doesn't want to talk about the beating Leroy gave her last night.
  • Celia makes Minny some coffee and tries to talk to her. Suddenly, Celia points out a naked white man standing in the yard, holding his penis, and staring at them threateningly.
  • Celia calls the police while Minny tries to lock up. The man throws a rock through the window.
  • Minny gets Johnny's hunting knife and a broom and goes outside, telling Celia to lock the door behind her and stay inside. Minny tries to attack the man, but he eludes her.
  • Then, he punches her in the head in the same spot Leroy did. Suddenly, Celia appears, holding a fireplace poker. The suddenly feisty woman beats the man with it until he's still, but not dead.
  • The Jackson Junior League Annual Ball and Benefit is just a week away and Celia is all excited. She asks Minny why the ladies treat her badly. Minny says it's because a) Hilly used to date Johnny, and b) because they think she's "white trash" (24.213). Now that's being honest.
  • Celia says she'll explain everything to Hilly at the benefit.
  • The night of the benefit, Celia puts on a low-cut, hot pink, sequined dress. Minny thinks, "Everything about her oozes sex, sex, and more more sex" (24.227). Celia's excited to talk to Hilly and explain. Minny, who will be cooking there, wishes Celia wouldn't go to the benefit.