Study Guide

The Help Chapter 32

By Kathryn Stockett

Chapter 32

  • Minny narrates this chapter. Aibileen comes over to her house and tells her Hilly is spreading the word around town that the book is about Jackson.
  • They are afraid Hilly will never get to her chapter, the chapter about the pie...
  • That night, when Minny is in bed with drunken Leroy, he says he knows she has a secret and threatens to find out what it is in whatever way he can.
  • Minny is strong woman, but somehow she is weak when it comes to Leroy.
  • She wonders why she stays with him, why she loves him even though he beats her and is a drunk. She wonders what she "could become" if Leroy would stop beating her.
  • The next night, she wakes up around midnight and she's sure Hilly's finally read her chapter.