Study Guide

The Help Chapter 8

By Kathryn Stockett

Chapter 8

  • Skeeter narrates this chapter. Two weeks ago, she writes a letter to Elaine Stein once again, outlining her idea to interview local maids about their experiences working for white families.
  • She lies and writes that one woman has already agreed to the interviews.
  • A week ago Elaine Stein calls and says she's interested in the idea, but isn't making any promises.
  • At Elizabeth's, Skeeter asks Aibileen again to consent to an interview, or at least to ask one of her friends to do it, but Aibileen still refuses. Skeeter goes to Elizabeth's twice after that to try to talk to Aibileen.
  • One day, Hilly is over at Elizabeth's too. Skeeter watches her force Aibileen to thank her for having the outside bathroom built for her.
  • Later, Skeeter's mother straightens and curls Skeeter's hair with the "Magic Soft and Silky Shinalator" (8.63). When she's done, Skeeter's hair actually does look beautiful.
  • Since she's agreed to a blind date, set up by Hilly, with a Senator's son, she's grateful for Shinalator.