Study Guide

The Hundred-Foot Journey Part 3, Lumiere: Chapter 10

By Richard C. Morais

Part 3, Lumiere: Chapter 10

  • A flash of memories: a siren, Papa's worried face, crying women, pain, food, and anesthesia.
  • Hassan wakes up in the hospital to Papa telling him that they are moving back to London. Hassan looks out his window at the snow covered mountains and begins to tear up.
  • There is a knock at the door and Leblanc and Mallory appear in the room with a basket and bouquet of roses; Papa slams the door in their faces.
  • Naturally, Mallory is insulted, but after one self-righteous comment in the car on the way back Leblanc kicks her out onto the snowy road in disgust.
  • Mallory finds a tiny chapel on the trek home and stops inside for a rest.
  • She sits in this chapel all alone; this freezing abandoned shack has long since been empty and useless.
  • The longer she sits there, the more she freaks out and feels like she's going mad. She lights a match and looks up at the Last Supper, which is transformed because of the light. Naturally it isn't Christ or the others that she notices—nope, it's the food on the table.
  • She is "converted" by the head of the boar on the table. Who knows if the boar is actually in the picture, or if she's hallucinating in the cold, but the boar stares at her and reminds her of all the horrible things she's done. Anyone else thinking of that baby boar she killed back in the woods? We sure are.