Study Guide

The Hundred-Foot Journey Part 3, Lumiere: Chapter 9

By Richard C. Morais

Part 3, Lumiere: Chapter 9

  • Papa receives the noise complaint letter, stating that they have to shut down the patio because of the noise.
  • In return for his lost patio, landscapers show up at Le Saule Pleureur to cut down the ancient willow tree that is the trademark and namesake of the inn. The large tree is in violation of "code 234bh" (9.18) because it hangs over the pavement. You know, it's the old eye for an eye mantra.
  • Outraged, Mallory runs over to the Maison. Is anyone else feeling like this needs to come to some sort of climax?
  • Insult is exchanged with raging insult, until finally Mallory gives Papa a big push and Papa knocks Hassan against the stove. There is a scream as the flames rise up.