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The Idiot Part 1, Chapter 11

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Part 1, Chapter 11

  • The prince goes off to his room to calm down, and Kolya pops in to see if he's Ok.
  • Kolya tells Myshkin that he has another friend that he wants him to meet, but that'll have to wait because in comes Ganya.
  • Shockingly, he's there to apologize. Myshkin is floored—he had no idea Ganya was capable of human feelings. Dude, us neither.
  • Varya shows up too, and she also wants to make up with everyone, including her brother.
  • They talk about how Nastasya kissed their mother's hand and claimed to not actually be the person she seemed to be (i.e., an evil slut). Varya says that she'll go to the birthday party if Ganya wants her to.
  • Myskin asks whether Ganya has ever thought about the fact that all that moolah might end up in Nastasya's pocket after they marry, and not his own.
  • Ganya is all, no, it's all set up to be mine. Then he fesses up how at first he really loved Nastasya, but then admits that actually he just really had the hots for her. He wanted her mistress-style, not wife-style.
  • They try to figure out why on earth Nastasya would marry Ganya in the first place. Ganya thinks it's because she's convinced he's madly in love with her. Which, she'd have to be pretty dumb to believe, no?
  • But whatevs. Myshkin and Ganya promise to be BFF forever from now on, and Ganya becomes the four hundredth person to tell Myshkin not to lend any money to General Ivolgin.
  • Finally, Ganya talks about his grand plans with the money he'll get from this marriage. He wants to set himself up, invest prudently, and generally live a comfortable life.
  • And at the same time, Myshkin fesses up to really liking Nastasya. It's an awkward moment. We don't really want to picture this dude being sexual, you know? But that's definitely the subtext of what these guys are bantering about.
  • Kolya comes back to the room and gives Myshkin a note from his dad. Turns out General Ivolgin is sitting drunk in some nearby bar, having put all his alcohol on Myshkin's tab. Which he first created. So now Myshkin has to go deal with this.

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