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The Idiot Part 3, Chapter 9

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Part 3, Chapter 9

  • Mrs. Epanchin hauls the prince home, but then is too tired to really interrogate him. And in any case, he's pretty free with the info—he tells her that he and Aglaya chatted on the bench about her life.
  • Aglaya busts into the room clearly upset about the whole Mom's Spanish Inquisition going on here—because, you know, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition—but Mrs. Epanchin lets Myshkin be on his way.
  • Back at Myshkin's house, Vera asks him not to send Ippolit away. Myshkin is all, I would never do that.
  • Then Kolya shows up. He's been taking turns with Burdovsky to watch over Ippolit, and now clearly wants to have a deep-thoughts discussion about Ippolit's confession and the idea of the eternal life after death. Myshkin is totally not into it right then. Also, Kolya tells Myshkin about a weird encounter with his dear old drunk dad—well, more weird than usual. Apparently, that morning, General Ivolgin woke Kolya up to tell him to watch what he says around Ferdyshenko. So that's a little odd, but seems irrelevant, since Ferdyshenko left to sleep it off at someone else's house anyway.
  • Myshkin's landlord Lebedev shows up next and immediately starts complaining that someone stole 400 roubles from his pocket during the party last night. Lebedev says everything with hints, beating around the bush, doing a lot of wink-wink nudge-nudge style conversation. He pretends to suspect Ferdyshenko while laying out all the clues about the matter, but finally we all realize that it was General Ivolgin who stole this money, most likely to give to his mistress.
  • Ugh, that guy is horrible.
  • Myshkin agrees to help Lebedev deal with the situation, as long as it's all kept hushed up.

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