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The Interestings Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

  • It's about time we have another Spirit-in-the-Woods scene. Been a while, right?
  • Manny and Edie are super old by this point and can no longer take care of the camp.
  • They hired someone to help but he had all these newfangled ideas about technology and they blamed him for attendance being down—these two are still very traditional and want to keep art (and talent) exclusive.
  • They fire Paul. Not surprising.
  • Back with Dennis and Jules, Rory is starting her senior year at a state university and is still obsessed with the outdoors.
  • Jules takes the bus to her office and runs into Jane Zell and her sister with the neurological disorder; they catch up on old times and Jane mentions running into Manny and Edie.
  • Manny and Edie are looking for someone to run the camp next summer and Jules immediately fantasizes about the camp and how much she loved it.
  • Somehow, Jules talks Dennis into considering the position as camp directors, so they interview with Manny and Edie. And guess what? They're chosen. Congratulations, you two.
  • Dennis gets a guarantee to get rehired at his clinic if it doesn't work out, but Jules has to close her therapy practice.
  • Dennis and Jules are, understandably, very anxious about picking up and starting a new career at their age.
  • When they told Rory earlier, she was shocked but pleased; she also suggested they go out to celebrate, which they do.
  • Jules is sad to leave Ash and Ethan in the city, but her need to return to the camp is overwhelming.

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