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The Interestings Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • The couples and Jonah still see each other a few more times.
  • Ethan has been smoking medical marijuana and can't focus on much during these dinners, in spring, he begins to die, but continues working as much as possible.
  • Rumors exist out in the world that he's ill but no one knows the real story.
  • Jules has returned to work with groups of troubled teens at a Child and Family Center in the city.
  • She does extremely well at it and gets more responsibility.
  • Jules and Dennis are no longer struggling as much for money, though they worry about Rory's job prospects.
  • Jules remembers going to a play Ash directed once and listening to a woman ask whether she should discourage her daughter from pursuing her dream to direct.
  • Ash tells the woman that it's a hard thing to do, but no mother should whittle her daughter down.
  • Rory, on the other hand, just wants to work for the national parks.
  • Back at dinner, there's a missed moment where Ethan says something Jules doesn't catch.
  • Chemotherapy isn't doing anything so Ash and Ethan go to Switzerland for alternative treatment, but Ethan just gets really sick from the drugs and comes home. They've run out of options.
  • The Figman children are brought back to the house—Larkin has a new sleeve tattoo of Figland characters, which Ethan yells at her about, prompting Mo to run from the room.
  • Ethan goes to Mo's door and convinces him to let him in.
  • He asks what Mo was playing on the banjo, and Mo plays Susannah Bay's famous "The Wind Will Carry Us."
  • Ethan starts to cry.
  • Jules asks Dennis if they'll figure something out and he tells her honestly that he doesn't think so.
  • At work, Jules talks to her group of teens about their lives.
  • Ash calls while she's at lunch and tells her Ethan died of a heart attack that morning.
  • Jules goes back to work and tells her boss, but refuses to go home; her group of kids rallies around her as they all cry over her friend.
  • Jules and Dennis stay over at Ash and Ethan's house that night and Jules tells Ash she'll take care of her.
  • Gil Wolf and Ethan's divorced parents arrive the next day and everything is hectic; Dennis ends up making most of the phone calls and doing the odd tasks while everyone deals with what happened.
  • Eventually everyone thinks about Ethan's will and no one really knows what he had planned to do with all that money.
  • A month later, Ash send Jules a package she'd found in Ethan's office.
  • Jules opens the package and sees it's a storyboard with drawings from Spirit-in-the-Woods.
  • It's an animated short about her and Ethan and the night they became lifelong friends but not lovers.
  • The last image is of Jules looking at the old aerial photo of them all at camp that first summer.

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