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The Interestings Chapter 7

By Meg Wolitzer

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Chapter 7

  • Time for a chapter about the Wolf family.
  • Jules is aware that she'll never belong in the Labyrinth, but she also doesn't feel like a total outsider anymore.
  • Ash and Jonah have been a couple since that first day.
  • Cathy and Goodman have, too, only they seem to kind of hate each other and are too old for the group.
  • Ethan tries to spend a lot of time at the Wolfs' house, though he is usually at home drawing cartoons.
  • Jules wants to spend all her time at the Labyrinth and is kind of a jerk about it to her mom and sister; she idealizes the Wolfs like crazy, making each one perfect in their own way.
  • Random tangent into Jules's life in college and her first sexual experience, which was five minutes long and sounds unpleasant.
  • Jules wishes she had been able to trick Goodman into touching her, which is pretty creepy.
  • Back to the Labyrinth, we learn that (unsurprisingly) the Wolfs throw parties like nobody's business.
  • Also, everyone is still worried that Goodman has no real talent for anything except charisma.
  • There's a New Year's party at the Wolf house and Ethan and Jules are paired up again.
  • Ethan tries kissing her (give it up already, dude) and they have a platonic moment where Ethan tells her she's great.
  • Jules realizes she's very happy in her friendship with Ethan even though he doesn't attract her.
  • Ethan and Jules talk about their lack of experience and Ethan seems unhappy with the stupid irony they've always used in the group.
  • Ethan's New Year's resolution is to think about other people more; Jules's New Year's resolution is to be loved by someone who excites her (a.k.a. not Ethan).
  • On to 1975, when Ash and Jonah break up quietly and Cathy and Goodman break up loudly.
  • They all head back to summer camp as usual, but Cathy rarely shows up for the social sessions in the boys' teepee.
  • One day, Goodman demands that Cathy be summoned to the teepee, and Ash and Jules discover her dancing with a boy named Troy.
  • Ash and Jules leave her there and briefly think about how Cathy has found love in the way they haven't.
  • We skip the rest of the summer at camp to find ourselves on the final day when Manny and Edie are organizing all the campers on the ground for an aerial photo.
  • There's a farewell party later that night and Goodman can't deal with the sight of Cathy and Troy dancing.
  • Back in the boys' teepee, Goodman gets drunk and the group chats with Gudrun, the weaving teacher and lifeguard.
  • Gudrun teaches them a life lesson: Their hearts will always be aching. So much to look forward to, right?
  • Back in the city, Goodman becomes an alcoholic and his parents start making him go to a psychiatrist.
  • Ash and Jules talk about why he's being difficult, and no one seems to understand.
  • Ash reveals that she and Jonah nearly had sex, but they didn't know what they were doing and went to an X-rated movie for help. Both of them were so disgusted and frightened by it, though, that they never had sex.
  • Goodman drinks some more and then aggressively kisses Jules until he gets bored.
  • Jules is dismissed to the kitchen, effectively wrapping up one of the odder Goodman scenes so far.
  • Another New Year's Eve and everyone is back at the Labyrinth.
  • Cathy shows up without her boyfriend, Troy, and everyone gets way too stoned; Jonah helps Cathy and Goodman get a cab because they apparently have some secret adventure planned.
  • Ash abruptly gets a call that Ethan picks up, and the news is that Goodman has been arrested.
  • Ethan demands Ash get her parents on the phone because Cathy says Goodman raped her and he is now getting his one phone call from jail.
  • Ash goes off to talk to her parents while Ethan, Jules, and Jonah discuss the possibility that Goodman did it, even though Goodman claims it was all a misunderstanding.
  • Jules suddenly despairs that she'll never get enough attention to be in a messy situation with a boy. Not sure she's quite getting the stakes hereā€¦
  • Jules also ends up feeling angry with Cathy for all of the attention she's getting. Stay classy, Jules.
  • Ash returns and convinces her parents to let everyone come to the precinct.
  • Before any evidence is shown, Ash decides Cathy is lying.
  • Meanwhile, Jonah is having a mental breakdown because he's the one who brought the drugs to the party tonight and got everyone high.
  • The chapter ends with Jules, Ethan, and Jonah waiting for a cab to take them to the police station.

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