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The Jilting of Granny Weatherall Summary

By Katherine Anne Porter

The Jilting of Granny Weatherall Summary

Eighty-ish-year-old Granny is sick and stuck in bed. Well, she doesn't think she's sick…but Doctor Harry and her daughter Cornelia are pretty worried about her.

To pass the time in bed, Granny starts thinking. A lot. First, she thinks about all the stuff she wants to accomplish the next day. She also thinks about three things: Death, her family, and this really painful memory of being jilted, which basically means being stood up at your own wedding.

Cornelia interrupts Granny's thoughts to ask her how she's feeling. She gets pretty freaked out after Granny says a few weird things, so Doctor Harry gives her a shot that causes her to have some trippy hallucinations.

Then, a priest named Father Connolly shows up. When Granny sees him, she's reminded again of the ugly jilting episode because he was the priest who was going to marry them. Granny's having a hard time trying to communicate with Father Connolly and Cornelia—she's having trouble hearing, and nobody can really understand what she's saying.

Granny's other kids Lydia and Jimmy arrive, but she's so out of it that she barely recognizes them. She does realize, though, that the fact that they've come to see her is probably a pretty good sign that she's dying. She stares at a light and waits for a 'sign from God,' but doesn't get one.

Once again, Granny thinks about being jilted. Then, the narrator tells us that she "blew out the light," which seems like a pretty nice way of saying that Granny has died.

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