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The Jungle Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • Jurgis finds a sign that says "Madame Haupt Hebamme." "Hebamme" is German for midwife, and "Haupt" means top or boss. So, she's advertising herself as the top midwife. But the novel also uses her title like a name – this midwife is called Madame Haupt for the next chapter, i.e., Madame Boss.
  • Jurgis finds Madame Haupt just about to eat dinner. She doesn't want to come out to see Ona.
  • Madame Haupt demands $25 for her services.
  • Jurgis insists that he has to have help, but he simply cannot pay more than $1.25.
  • Madame Haupt keeps asking him for more cash, but Jurgis really has no other resources.
  • Finally, Jurgis turns to find someone else.
  • Madame Haupt calls him back and demands the $1.25 Jurgis has on him. She will also expect Jurgis to pay her $25 some time in the next month.
  • Madame Haupt is quite fat, and so she protests about going up the ladder to Mrs. Jukniene's attic room.
  • She also complains about the poverty of their surroundings and the lack of alcohol to drink.
  • Still, Madame Haupt eventually goes up to help Ona.
  • Mrs. Jukniene and Marija shove Jurgis out the apartment door once more.
  • He decides to go to the saloon where he used to eat often in the hopes of some charity from its managers.
  • Jurgis has a large whiskey and eats lunch before settling in next to the bar stove for warmth.
  • As his clothes warm up, the fertilizer stench starts to roll of Jurgis.
  • So the bartender almost boots Jurgis out the door.
  • However, the bartender feels a flash of pity for Jurgis, who still seems like a decent enough guy.
  • The bartender lets Jurgis spend the night in his back room.
  • Jurgis leaves the bar late at night to check on Ona.
  • Mrs. Jukniene, Marija, and several other women from the neighborhood are all huddled around the stove back in Mrs. Jukniene's apartment.
  • Jurgis asks what has happened to Ona. No one answers.
  • Madame Haupt slowly comes climbing down the ladder. Her arms are covered with blood.
  • Madame Haupt complains once again that they have no food or drink to offer her.
  • She says (without any signs of sympathy for Jurgis) that the baby has already died and that Ona will die soon.
  • Jurgis races upstairs and goes to Ona's side.
  • Teta Elzbieta is crying in the corner.
  • Ona is pale and thin – like a skeleton.
  • Jurgis begs Ona to wake up.
  • Ona opens her eyes for one moment, and then passes away.
  • Jurgis is totally beside himself. He feels lonely and beyond consolation.
  • The next morning, Kotrina comes in through the front door. There is snow falling outside.
  • Kotrina asks Jurgis what's wrong.
  • Jurgis demands to know where Kotrina has been.
  • She's been selling papers in the city with the boys. She has made nearly$3.
  • Jurgis makes Kotrina give him the money.
  • Jurgis walks out the door and straight back into the local bar.
  • He demands a bottle of whisky. He wants to get drunk.

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