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Deedee in The Kill Order

By James Dashner

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Or, Teresa

Okay, we know: Deedee turns out to be Teresa, the heroine of The Maze Runner trilogy. But first things first: let's focus on who she is as Deedee.

Deedee doesn't get much characterization, probably because Mark and Alec hog all the camera—er, page—time. But from what we get, Deedee's a pretty disturbed child. Hey, it's not her fault—if you lived with people who though you were some kind of demon, you'd be a little deranged, too. (Especially if you were five years old: the age when your biggest worry should be "Mom! The red crayon broke again!")

When Deedee hears the people she used to live with, she says:

"The people I lived with. It's them. I know it's them. They turned weird, started… doing things. Saying trees and plant and animals are magic. They left me because they said I was… evil." (22.46)

Ouch. Not only do these looney-tunes folk think that a sweet little girl is evil, they also think that she's not as a cool as a plant. That's harsh. And, oh yeah: the reason why these people think she's evil is because she was struck by a dart but didn't get sick. So basically, they're all jelly of her immunity.

Other than the fact that Deedee's seen as evil, we learn that, for a five-year-old kid, she's super tough. Not only does she withstand everything that Trina and Lana have to withstand, but she does so without complaining much. (Again: at five years old, we'd be asking where the next juice box was coming from.) When Mark and Alec find her in a basement in the middle of Asheville, Mark offers his hand, but Deedee simply responds:

"I'll be fine," she said, cutting him off. A sudden fire burned in her eyes that made her seem ten years older. "Let's go." (57.21)

And thus marks the beginning of what we see in Teresa: a girl who definitely has a courageousness that's unparalleled in the Glade.

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