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Lana in The Kill Order

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Wicked Smart

Oh, Lana. We still have no idea what might have happened to her. See, unlike most of the other people who die in the book, Lana gets shot by a Transvice. So really, she could still be floating around in space. Who knows?

For what we get of Lana though, we learn that she's the brains of the operation. She knows what she's talking about and what she's doing. And, if she weren't stabbed so quickly, we know she would've played a huge role in Deedee's survival.

In the beginning, we get the description:

A stout woman with black hair that was always pulled tightly into a bun, she'd been a nurse in the army and was younger than Alec, but older than Mark's parents—she and Alec had been together when Mark had met them in the tunnels below New York City. (2.18)

This tells us a lot about Lana. She's hardened like Alec, and the fact that she survived in the tunnels below New York City with him means she's probably pretty skilled.

The other bit of information is when Alec says to Mark:

"She'll think you are safe and taking care of yourself just fine and dandy. She'd also consider the circumstances top to bottom and decide the best course of action to take." (28.26)

From this, we can tell Lana's a deep thinker and also a true soldier, in the sense that she'll decide what's ultimately best for her.

But then she gets stabbed and shot by a Transvice. Ugh. Don't you hate it when that happens?

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