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The Kill Order Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • As they walk toward the village, Alec reminds Mark that they need to be on the same page. They can't let their emotions get the best of them.
  • Yarg, spoken like a hardened soldier.
  • Also, the main goal is to protect themselves first, as selfish as that may sound.
  • Mark plays the sentimental card, saying it's inhumane to just ignore people who might be dying. But he eventually realizes Alec is totally right, so he agrees to be careful.
  • They make their way into the village, and inside there are tons of bodies. Like, everywhere.
  • Someone had stored most of them in the Leaner, a large wooden structure meant to protect them from rainstorms.
  • A quick scan of the bodies proves that Darnell isn't one of them.
  • While walking through the center of the village, Alec starts shouting for people to help them.
  • Someone inside a boarded up building tells them that everyone's been inside since the Berg left so that they don't get sick.
  • So yeah, the darts are poisonous and killed most of the people.
  • Footsteps are heard and they spot Trina. She rushes to Mark to hug him, but Alec stops her because they need to be careful. Reluctantly, she obeys.
  • As they follow Trina, they hear screaming: someone's been imprisoned.

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