Study Guide

The Kill Order Chapter 12

By James Dashner

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Chapter 12

  • Trina tries to embrace Mark, but Alec separates them. Again.
  • Trina expresses that she's pretty sick of living after seeing that. She then tells them that she boarded Darnell up, but she doesn't think she's sick because the disease was very fast-working and she feels fine.
  • Alec can't help but agree; they need to gather supplies and then get out of the village.
  • They find Misty and the Toad, then they head out to the wilderness.
  • Out there, they find Lana by a stream. She claims she isn't sick, and that most of the people died within twelve hours (besides Darnell).
  • Just as they're all about to take off, Misty groans. She's pale and collapses to one knee.
  • Her head hurts.
  • Ahhhh, now we're seeing a pattern here. If your head hurts, that ain't good.

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