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The Kill Order Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • Lana is quick to shout out orders: everyone, get out.
  • Misty agrees, and tells everyone to do what Lana says.
  • The Toad has a tough time leaving; apparently Misty is his closest friend.
  • They give Misty an hour, hoping that she might improve. But when they return, she's about the same.
  • Everyone decides to ask Misty what she wants them to do; despite them all wanting to leave, they figure they should let the sick person at least have a say.
  • Misty agrees that they need to go because she's a goner.
  • She then starts screaming like Darnell did, yelling for them all to leave.
  • Everyone leaves but the Toad. He refuses to leave his best friend.
  • Lana tells him to catch up if he changes his mind, then they walk away. As they're walking away, they can hear faint singing. Misty has snapped.

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