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The Kill Order Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • About three miles into their trek they had to stop because of darkness. Then, Mark dreams.
  • In his memory dream, a younger Mark assumes that terrorists set off an explosion somehow; also, someone's following him and Trina.
  • Violence has also broken out—theft, harassment, and worse things.
  • They keep running, but they can't shake the man who's on their tail.
  • Finally they find a small room in the subway to hide in. Unfortunately, they hear footsteps and a light turns on to Mark's right.
  • Three very dangerous men appear, and they inform Trina and Mark that they don't take kindly to visitors.
  • After Trina refuses to give the men a can of food she found, they all take out knives. Ruh roh.
  • All of a sudden a random scuffle happens right before Mark's eyes, and people are being punched and kicked from all directions.
  • Finally, a flashlight gets tossed to the floor and illuminates the boots of a large man—the same person who has been following Trina and Mark.
  • It's Alec, and he tells them they have bigger problems than just random thieves.

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