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The Kill Order Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • Mark wakes up, and all that day they walk down and up mountains. A nice little family hiking trip, don't you think?
  • On a break, Trina announces that she needs to go to the bathroom, but nods at Mark, signaling for him to meet her. A few minutes later he does the same.
  • When they meet up, she expresses her frustration of not being able to hug and whatnot. They agree that they're both fine and they can be close again, so they kiss.
  • Which really isn't a good idea‚Ķ seeing that a deadly virus is spreading.
  • That night, they cuddle together when everyone's sleeping. But while they're cuddling, they hear breaking branches out in the woods.
  • Just as Mark is about to call for Alec, a match lights up revealing the Toad.
  • Phew, it's just the Toad.
  • Er, but he doesn't look too good. He says he's not okay and that things are living inside his skull.

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