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The Kill Order Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • Though Alec isn't a big fan of talking to this little girl—believing that she's probably infected—he can't help but let them keep trying to gain information.
  • Her name is Deedee, and her parents died from the darts.
  • When Trina asks her why she didn't go with the rest of the people, she holds out her arm. She was shot by a dart.
  • She then says that the wound is why they left her there.
  • They decide to take the girl with them, and they start to go in the direction of the place Deedee came from.
  • When they all make camp, Alec announces that he thinks they're about a full day of traveling away from the area where the Bergs came from. He'd made maps from scratch by using the workpad.
  • Mark falls asleep, only to dream once again of horrible things.

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