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The Kill Order Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

  • Trina makes a quip about how she hasn't had a perfect day since her sixteenth birthday party.
  • Then she adds the fact that three days later her and Mark were running for their lives through a hot tunnel. So we can imagine that was the day the sun-flares hit.
  • Mark makes his own joke, saying how it took the world being pretty much wiped clean for her to finally notice him.
  • Folks, that's probably not the best way to flirt with girls.
  • Mark instantly feels bad about the joke, especially because he struggles with the trauma of the sun flares. Memories often haunt him in his sleep.
  • To break the awkwardness, Mark says that Alec and Lana probably have jobs for them to do, so they should get moving. They then set down the mountain and head for the village.
  • When they reach the village, Lana approaches them. She also worked in the defense department before the sun-flares; Alec was her boss.
  • Lana talks about wanting to be back in a week; the group is planning a trip out into the wilderness to search for stuff.
  • Trina asks if they've seen Darnell, the Toad, or Misty—woo, three more characters!
  • Just then, a boy with underwear on his head walks in. It's Darnell.
  • Misty and the Toad walk in, and the Toad leaps up (like a frog) and snatches the underwear off of Darnell's head.
  • The Toad is small and stout, so the nickname fits perfectly. But he's also pretty darn muscular, so though everyone makes fun of him sometimes, they do it jokingly because they know he could beat the snot out of anyone.
  • Turns out the underwear was the Toad's and he hadn't washed them in over two weeks. Nice.
  • Everyone's laughing when suddenly a strange sound is heard—the sound of engines in the sky.

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