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The Kill Order Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

  • Back in the dream, Alec is telling everyone that they need to get to the Lincoln Building.
  • In the group now is Lana, Darnell, Misty, and a boy named Baxter—he's probably about thirteen years old, but super brave.
  • Alec tells them that a tsunami is likely about to strike; their city is right by the ocean, after all.
  • Up ahead they see a huge crowd of people crying and screaming and whatnot. Lana tells everyone that they need to just power through them and try to not look important.
  • When they make their way through, people immediately peg them as being important. Great.
  • Random citizens start blocking their paths, and they all start yelling about how the group might have food.
  • That's when pandemonium strikes: Alec punches a dude in the face, and then the whole crowd charges.
  • Wham, kaboom, kaplowy—punches are being thrown and people are yanking and tugging at Mark and Trina.
  • People are going bananas trying to kill each other, and that's when a rumbling sound can be heard.
  • Mark looks up to see a huge wall of filthy water pouring down the steps.

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