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The Kill Order Chapter 22

By James Dashner

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Chapter 22

  • About two hours before the sun sets, Alec decides to look at the workpad to make sure his home-made maps are correct.
  • After some inspection, Alec decides he was totally correct. Man, the old dude still has it.
  • He declares that about five miles from where they are standing, the Berg used to park every night.
  • Then he points East and declares that Asheville is just a few miles that way. Asheville is a safe-area as of now.
  • They move about a mile closer to where the Berg would park, when all the sudden they hear faint singing. A high-pitched voice.
  • Then they hear a man join in, then more people. Pretty soon, the singing is a full-blown chorus.
  • Looks like they stumbled upon a concert!
  • While everyone is listening, visibly transfixed, Deedee doesn't look so hot. In fact, she looks horrible.
  • Deedee announces that the singing is from the people she was with before. But they've all turned crazy, claiming that plants and animals are magic.
  • They left her because they said she was evil, since she was shot but didn't get sick.
  • The group decides they need to check it out when Deedee gives them a quick caveat: watch out for the ugly man with no ears.

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