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The Kill Order Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

  • Alec and Mark decide to investigate, so they march through the woods as quietly as they can.
  • The singing doesn't stop. Oh, and there's a huge fire where everyone's singing.
  • Alec confirms that there are about four to five crazy people jumping around the fire like they're trying to summon a spirit.
  • Just as they're about to move closer, a woman shouts "Who's up there?" (23.22).
  • She then reassures Mark and Alec that they mean no harm. They just want to invite them to the party.
  • Er, right.
  • A man and a woman approach Mark and Alec and invite them to join the dancing and singing. They decline, and then Mark asks them why they left Deedee behind.
  • Ooh, wrong question. The woman gets angry and orders that Mark and Alec be seized.
  • Before they can do anything, Alec and Mark are tied up with ropes being dragged toward the fire.

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