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The Kill Order Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

  • Mark finally stops struggling when someone bops him the face.
  • Mark pleads with everyone, asking them what they're doing. All Mark and Alec wanted to know was what is going on.
  • But the woman doesn't seem too happy; she's mad that Mark asked about Deedee.
  • Alec then bursts into action out of nowhere. He gets away from a few people and knocks some over, but he doesn't get too far. Pretty soon he's seized again and beaten pretty badly.
  • Mark tries to negotiate more, saying Deedee is fine. But the people won't budge—the woman says Deedee brought evil upon them all.
  • Boom. Mark gets a boot to the face.
  • Boom, another one.
  • Mark and Alec get utterly pounded at this point. But then someone says stop.
  • The men beating Alec and Mark stop, and they step aside to reveal the man who made them stop.
  • It's a man who has no hair and no ears.
  • You know, the dude Deedee warned them about.

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