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The Kill Order Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

  • So the dude's name is Jedidiah. But we can call him Jed.
  • At this point, the people who had been beating the snot out of Alec and Mark are kneeling in prayer.
  • Mark then notices a glare on the man's face and head; it had melted.
  • Jed talks about how twice demons rained from the sky: by sun and ships. So basically, by the sun-flares and the Bergs.
  • It'd also been two months now since the people in his village were shot by the Berg people. They mourn them by singing and dancing.
  • Wait, two months? That seems like quite a while.
  • Mark protests, saying the attack from the Berg was just a few days ago. But Jed adamantly says it was two months ago in his village.
  • Also, his head hurts.
  • Ughhhhhh, not this again.
  • Jed goes on to say how people died quick, but others died later—his story is pretty much the same as theirs.
  • Jed then starts freaking out. He starts complaining about the demons and how Alec and Mark were sent by them. Then he collapses, pressing his head and screaming.
  • And of course, his body then goes rigid, he screams an animalistic scream, then he yells that the demons killed him.
  • And yeah, blood starts to seep from his nose and mouth and he dies.
  • Bye-bye Jed. It was nice knowing you… for one chapter.

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