Study Guide

The Kill Order Chapter 28

By James Dashner

Chapter 28

  • Mark's understandably shaken, and he can't seem to settle down. Alec does the whole calm down, get a hold of yourself routine and shakes him out of it.
  • They decide to search the area for any clues about where their friends went: footprints, broken branches, anything.
  • Mark wonders out loud if they ran away from the fire—not into it—to save him and Alec.
  • Then Mark wonders if Lana went all super logic on them, deciding to run toward the Berg headquarters because they could all rendezvous there.
  • Alec agrees that could be right, then he finds something: three bushes that've been walked through. And footsteps.
  • What they find next isn't so exciting though: drops of blood on leaves.