Study Guide

The Kill Order Chapter 3

By James Dashner

Chapter 3

  • The Toad announces that the sound is a Berg. Mark hasn't seen a Berg since the sun-flares happened.
  • Misty wonders if the Berg is there to rescue everyone, but Darnell seems doubtful.
  • Alec adds that the ones that drop off supplies in Asheville (North Carolina) have PFC (Post-Flares Coalition) painted on the sides. But this one doesn't have anything painted on it.
  • The Berg then lowers and lands. A ramp opens up and mist sprays from the gap.
  • A huge crowd is now watching the Berg as it opens up. They've all been so desperate that this appearance could be the answer to their prayers.
  • Finally, five people in green, rubbery suits walk out from the ramp—each one of them holding a black tube in their hands like a gun.
  • Hmm, let's hope food sprays out of these tubes…
  • Suddenly, they aim the tubes at the people, prompting Alec to freak out and push people to get them out of the way.
  • The people from the Berg start firing darts out of the tubes; one striking Darnell right in the shoulder.
  • Moral of the story? If a stranger in a green suit points a large black tube at you, run.