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The Kill Order Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

  • The hole closes up and darkness envelops them. Alec pulls out the workpad, illuminating the room.
  • The room is pretty empty, but there's a door at the end. Alec tries to open it up with a strong push, but it actually opens pretty easily.
  • On the other side of the door is more darkness, and they can hear rumbling. A generator, most likely.
  • Behind them the landing pad starts to sink into the ground, and the huge Berg descends. The cockpit is on the opposite side of Mark and Alec, luckily, so they aren't spotted.
  • The door is opened and the pilots walk out.
  • One of them says something about how north of where they are was burned badly.
  • The other one responds that the people in Alaska who they work with don't care about them at all. Oh, and the virus is mutating.
  • They already have a name for the virus: the Flare.
  • Okay Maze Runner people, we sure hope you could've guessed this virus was the Flare from the very beginning.

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