Study Guide

The Kill Order Chapter 32

By James Dashner

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Chapter 32

  • Alec and Mark wonder out loud, maybe the people dancing around the fire were test subjects?
  • Oh well, time to move on. Mark puts his ear to the door, but he just hears muffles.
  • They move more and find a bunch of generators. Alec opens the door to another room, and then another, and then another. Nothing.
  • Finally they find a slouched figure in the last room. He's an older man, and Alec yells at him to try to get a response.
  • The man answers in a muffle; now Mark has to know what they guy said.
  • Mark rushes to him, and the man just whimpers, "I didn't want to give her away… Oh, dear God, I didn't want to. Not to those savages" (32.39).

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