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The Kill Order Chapter 33

By James Dashner

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Chapter 33

  • Mark asks the man a flurry of questions; the man says for Mark to slow down. Way too many questions, bud.
  • He calms down and asks the man if he can tell them anything.
  • Well, the dude's name is Anton. Also, he says he and his coworkers chose a settlement two months ago and shot them with the virus.
  • But there was one little girl (we know this is Deedee) who didn't die—and that changed it for the man. He realized then that he had done an unspeakable crime.
  • He goes on to say that the Post-Flares Coalition in Alaska wanted some kind of virus to spread fast and kill fast.
  • The virus is man-made, and it attacks the mind.
  • But the virus didn't work exactly right and it didn't work well on the test subjects two months ago.
  • He then lets it drop that the people in Alaska want to wipe out half the population.
  • He sobs and sobs, saying he has the Flare and that his coworkers left him there to be by himself.
  • They're all farther down in the bunker, planning to revolt in Asheville—Asheville being the last safe haven in the east.
  • The PFC wants to bring their bosses down before they can head back to Alaska through a Flat Trans.
  • Oh, and his coworkers also have the Flare for sure.
  • Then Anton falls asleep. Hmm, how's that for some backstory?

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