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The Kill Order Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

  • Back to Mark's linear memory-dream: the wall of water is rushing down the steps of the subtrans station.
  • So Trina's freakin' out, Alec and Lana are leading the charge, and Baxter, Darnell, Misty, and the Toad are keeping pace.
  • While they rush in the opposite direction, Misty falls and is covered with some water. Mark pulls her up but she screams because the water is hot.
  • Like, really hot. Enough to burn your skin.
  • They keep making their mad dash, and Mark realizes there aren't as many people following them—probably because they're dead.
  • The water's up to his waist now, but he's made it to the stairs. Everyone but Alec and Baxter are up now, and Baxter's struggling against the current.
  • Alec attempts to grab the boy's hand, but Baxter slips.
  • Luckily, Alec is a crazy dude and leaps toward Baxter; meanwhile, Mark is rushing to them and gets there just in time to grab Alec's shirt.
  • Struggle struggle struggle. Ouchie ouchie ouchie. Lot's of pulling and yanking goes on, and eventually Alec emerges up the stairs with Baxter clinging to his legs.
  • They open the door up the stairs and prepare to climb. Phew, at least they're away from the water.

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