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The Kill Order Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

  • Back to reality: Mark wakes up and Alec is sleeping. He immediately remembers how the group climbed the stairs to the skyscraper, and how they spent the next two weeks in the Lincoln Building.
  • Pretty soon Alec wakes up, and he realizes he left the workpad on. Welp, so much for the only bit of technology they have.
  • The two start to make their way through hallways and whatnot, and eventually they come up to a set of double doors propped open. Hmm, oddly inviting.
  • They go through them, and then peek inside—it's an auditorium.
  • There are also about fifty people watching a guy on stage, and they all seem to be arguing about something.
  • Mark and Alec crawl behind a chair for cover, then they start listening. Almost ten minutes of muffled arguing goes by, when finally a man take center stage.
  • His name is Bruce, and he wants to get started before everyone loses their minds.

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