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The Kill Order Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

  • Instead of having an eerie silence sweep across the room, people burst into cheering. So that makes Mark feel quite uncomfortable.
  • Bruce then starts his speech. We'll highlight what he says in a nice list for you.
  • 1. Those meanies from Alaska and North Carolina (the PFC) have turned their backs on the people in the auditorium.
  • 2. These people also assigned the workers in the auditorium to take part in a holocaust. They had to do the dirty work, and now they're being left behind.
  • 3. So here's the gist: the test subjects are getting crazier, and they want that little girl back so they can sacrifice her. So Bruce gave them the little girl and the other two girls with her.
  • 4. That raging fire in the woods is out too. A storm rolled in.
  • 5. You'd think their superiors would at least have a cure for this virus seeing that they were the ones who unleashed it, right?
  • 6. Oh, and they have a Flat Trans at their headquarters. They need to go through it and go get that cure.
  • 7. But before they do this, there are spies in the back of the auditorium, and they very well could be from the PFC. So go get 'em.

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