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The Kill Order Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  • People are getting hit by darts left and right. Lana and Trina grab Darnell by the feet and try to move him away, while Mark tries to find cover for them.
  • At this point, the Berg is shifting positions, and the people on it are getting better with their aim.
  • Trina, Lana, Misty, the Toad, and Mark finally reach a building near the shack and put Darnell down.
  • When they look up, they see Alec waving his hands from the Shack. He's holding two rifles with grappling hooks attached to big coils of rope.
  • Oh boy, the old man has some kind of plan up his sleeve.
  • Mark grabs a piece of wood for cover, and then sprints toward Alec. They need to fight back.

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