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The Kill Order Chapter 42

By James Dashner

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Chapter 42

  • Mark punches the guy in the face.
  • A fight ensues, and unfortunately, Mark picked a fight with the wrong guy. This guy is pretty dang strong, and pretty quickly he's beating the snot out of Mark.
  • The man runs over to some outer control panels and presses a few buttons, opening the landing pad even more. People will be swarming in any second.
  • Mark then goes ballistic, punching and kicking like never before.
  • Mark glances at the ramp door and sees that it's lowered several feet already, meaning people could enter the Berg right when it fully opens.
  • He then surges at the man with a crazy rage, punching him and giving him a good beating.
  • Then Mark starts dragging the guy toward the ramp. And though he's aware that the ramp door is closing now, he feels an unnecessary urge to make the man suffer.
  • All the sudden, Mark shoves the guy halfway into the ramp as it's closing; the ramp door closes on the man, squeezing the life out of the man's body… very slowly.
  • Yes, Mark is torturing the man.
  • As this is happening, Mark snaps back into it—he realizes the absolute horror that he's inflicting upon this man, so he violently starts kicking and pushing the man to end his misery.
  • Finally, Mark kicks the man outside of the door, leaving him tortured and probably about to die; but Mark is inside with the hatch door closed.

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