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The Kill Order Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

  • Though he thought he'd be freaking out at this point, a surprising calm comes over him. He knew he had the Flare the whole time—at least now he can admit it to himself.
  • There's still hope for him, though; maybe there's a cure out there.
  • Come on Maze Runner people—we know the answer to that question.
  • Mark runs to the cockpit to find Alec. The old man looks pretty comfortable with the controls.
  • Alec lets him know that Berg should be lifting in about one minute.
  • Unfortunately, just as he says this, someone sends a hammer right at the front glass. Yep, someone's on the Berg.
  • The next swing sends the hammer right through the glass, and pretty soon Mark is getting yanked and pulled again.
  • Mark is tossed through the broken window, and he's hanging about halfway out. Oh boy, not this again.
  • But just as he's about to get pushed outside the window, the assailant falls out instead, plummeting to the ground—Alec nailed him in the face with the hammer.
  • Oh yeah, now this is good action.
  • Alec looks at Mark, realizes he's fine, then goes to the controls and gets the Berg in the air.

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