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The Kill Order Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

  • As the Berg flies through the sky, Mark starts to feel pretty horrible. You know, about everything. But in particular, he's hungry and thirsty.
  • Then he drifts off, never losing consciousness, but never really being conscious—things are happening around him, but he's totally oblivious.
  • Pretty soon he feels a bump, then Alec comes in with food and water.
  • Alec had flown them to an empty neighborhood between the bunker and downtown Asheville, and he just went out to get some food.
  • After eating the much-needed food and drinking the much-needed water, Alec admits that he thinks they're in a fancy cul-de-sac area.
  • Alec then tells Mark that he knows Mark was up to something while Alec was trying to close the hatch door.
  • Mark tells him about the rage—the psychotic impulse that came over him. How torturing that man had seemed like a joyful thing for a few moments.
  • Alec calms him down and tells him he isn't crazy, he was just trying to survive. Then Mark takes a nap, and the dreams naturally come next.

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