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The Kill Order Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

  • And we're back in Mark's awful, awful memories—he's in a conference room in the Lincoln Building.
  • He's been living off of vending machine food the past few weeks. At first it sounded fun, but now he just feels disgusting.
  • He and Trina have grown closer too, which is at least a little consolation for the whole sun-flares problem.
  • Baxter shows up and tells him there's a boat heading down Broadway. Remember, the streets are overflowed with water, so that's the only way they're able to travel.
  • Mark runs down to the fifth floor where everyone else is, and he sees a big yacht out on the water.
  • Alec assumes the people in the boat are scavenging buildings in the area. By now, they've probably seen them already.
  • A man then appears on the deck holding a huge gun, pointing it right at everyone.
  • Another person then appears: a woman with a shaved head.
  • The man tells everyone to put their hands in the air. Everyone does but Alec, prompting the man to get angry.
  • Alec then does what he's told, slowly raising his hands to the air.
  • Suddenly, the man goes a bit crazy, jerking his weapon to the side and shooting three quick rounds.
  • They tear right into Baxter's chest, knocking him back and killing him instantly.
  • Well, that's how Baxter dies. Good thing we were prepared for his death, seeing as how he wasn't with the group when the Bergs attacked the main characters' settlement.

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