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The Kill Order Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

  • Mark twitches and shifts in his sleep, but he can't wake up. His body is too tired and he's forced to keep dreaming his awful dream.
  • Back in the Lincoln Building, Mark is on the ground staring in shock, Trina is screaming, the Toad and Misty are huddling together scared out of their minds, and Lana and Alec are stiff with obvious tension.
  • The woman on the boat ties the yacht to something, and the man shouts that they're going to take fuel and food from them. Oh, and Mark's crew can even keep some if they want. Isn't that nice?
  • When the man gets up to the fifth floor, he starts ordering people to load supplies on the yacht. Alec passes Mark and winks.
  • You know what that means—he's got something up his sleeve.
  • The woman calls the man "Boss," so that's all Mark can think of when he sees the man. So from now on, we'll refer to this horrible dude as Boss.
  • The next two hours are spent scavenging the Lincoln Building for any kind of supplies; Alec has been working hard without any signs of rebellion, believe it or not.
  • Eventually they find themselves on the 12th floor, and Boss tells them they can have whatever's left above that.
  • Alec walks toward Boss and suddenly bursts into action. He smacks the weapon out of Boss's hands, then tackles him.
  • Alec smashes Boss into a windowpane, shattering it. They both start to fall out of the window, so Mark grabs hold of Alec.
  • Boss slips off of Alec and plunges to the ground. Meanwhile, the Toad has a hold of Mark and is pulling them all to safety.
  • Lana tells them that the girl got away, unfortunately. But Alec is pretty happy because his plan worked. Not only did they get rid of Boss, but they also have a boat ready for them, all loaded up with supplies and stuff.
  • They all rush to the yacht, and everyone gets to work. They untie the knot to the yacht, and the boat starts cruising away.
  • Suddenly, Boss leaps out of the water and starts to scramble on board.
  • He really has no chance though. Mark kicks the snot out of him, and eventually he's returned back into the water.
  • Just then, they see Boss's partner at an open window in the Lincoln Building, holding her gun.
  • Everyone takes cover, but instead they see the woman point the gun up at her chin. She pulls the trigger, and the boat moves on.

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