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The Kill Order Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • Alec meets Mark halfway, and then pulls out an old pistol and hands it to him. Time for Mark to go James Bond on these green-suited meanies.
  • The people in the Berg start to notice Alec and Mark scheming in the middle of the clearing, but Mark is already getting ready to shoot.
  • Mark shoots two quick shots with the hope of startling them; it works, and they recoil backwards.
  • Mark then takes better aim, and he nails one of the people on the Berg. Target neutralized.
  • His next shot hits one of the weapons the people on the Berg are holding. It falls, and a woman scoops it up from the ground, attempting to figure out how to use it to fight back.
  • It's Alec's turn for action: he shoots his grappling hook at the Berg and it catches. He asks for the gun, and pretty soon he's shooting into the sky with his device pulling him up the rope.
  • Alec climbs up the ramp as the people shooting on the Berg retreat inside; Alec then shouts at Mark to shoot the other grappling hook.
  • Mark hits the Berg, and just as he's about to press the green button (the retractor button), the Berg rises up and yanks Mark up into the sky.
  • Ugh, don't you just hate it when that happens?
  • In a flurry of shouting and engines roaring, Alec's yelling at Mark to press the green button, while the hatch door is closing. Mark can't get enough control to press it.
  • Will Mark make it? Tune in after this commercial break to find out!

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