Study Guide

The Kill Order Chapter 53

By James Dashner

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Chapter 53

  • After dodging and weaving past more houses, they reach the street they saw from up in the Berg.
  • Mark's head is throbbing now, and they stop to eat some food.
  • After their break, Alec reminds him not to let anyone take the gun from him. If they do, they're toast.
  • They then break out into a full-on sprint and head straight toward a house with a man standing in front of the entrance.
  • Alec yells at him to walk away, and surprisingly, the man does as he's told without any protest.
  • Hmm, strange.
  • They search the house, but it's empty.
  • The basement seems like a good place to check. They go downstairs and then hear a voice yelling at them to not come any closer.
  • They see a pale man trembling on the floor, holding a box of matches. He's dosed with kerosene or gasoline, some kind of fuel.
  • He tells them if they take one step closer, he'll light a match.
  • Er, not good.

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