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The Kill Order Chapter 54

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Chapter 54

  • The man starts stuttering, telling them how they're all scared of fire.
  • Alec and Mark exchange worried glances, and they back away. Time to go somewhere else.
  • They reach a second house and see two small children run away, and then a woman steps out onto the porch. She's visibly crazy already.
  • Alec tells her they just want to take a look inside her house to see if they can find their friends.
  • The woman calls their friends "monsters" who want to eat her children, then Mark and Alec force their way inside. Ugh, totally creepy.
  • Inside, pictures have been drawn all over the wall, and it looks like an absolute dump.
  • In the basement, they find at least fifteen more children living in filth. It's an absolutely terrifying, disgusting scene.
  • Mark says they can't possibly leave them. But they have to—there's no way they can help them.
  • On their way out, they see absolutely gruesome things: a woman eating a cat, a man chewing a rug, two kids pelting each other with rocks while laughing. The world has been turned upside-down, folks.
  • It's also strange that no one's attacked them yet.
  • About five houses away, they see two men dragging a woman by her hair down through the front door, her head smacking the concrete of each step.
  • It's Lana.

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