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The Kill Order Chapter 55

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Chapter 55

  • Lana means just as much to Alec as Trina does to Mark, so naturally, Alec bursts into action right away at the sight of Lana.
  • Alec keeps shouting at the men to step away from her, but they don't respond. In fact, they seem oblivious to his orders.
  • Unfortunately, Alec can't get a clear shot without the risk of hitting Lana.
  • Just then, in a blur of motion, one of them pulls out a switchblade and stabs Lana.
  • Whoa.
  • Mark and Alec both tackle the men. Without even realizing it, Mark grabs the switchblade out of one of the man's hands and stabs him in the chest, killing him instantly.
  • Alec, meanwhile, crumples the other one by hitting him with the butt end of his weapon.
  • Pretty soon, everyone in the street is charging them. Except they go past Mark and Alec and toward Lana.
  • Mark and Alec then start picking off people left and right.
  • Then Alec, his face hard and body stiff, points his Transvice at Lana and shoots her, ending her misery.

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