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The Kill Order Chapter 56

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Chapter 56

  • So now, pretty much all of our main characters are dead. We just have Mark, Alec, Trina, and Deedee left. Yeesh, what a bummer.
  • Alec points at the house that Lana was dragged out of, and they decide to break into it with the hopes of finding Deedee and Trina.
  • But before they can get in, a huge mob—maybe even one hundred people—starts to surround them.
  • Mark and Alec are spamming their Transvices, picking off as many people as they possibly can.
  • By the time Mark has killed about ten people, he's already on the porch of the house. They pick off a few more, and then they enter the house and sprint down the hallways and stairs.
  • They get to the basement and, sure enough, Trina and Deedee are huddled in the corner.
  • Trina is clutching Deedee and Deedee is yelling that Trina's sick.
  • Mark then offers her his hand, and Trina looks at him blankly, asking who he is.
  • Ugh. That hurts.

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