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The Kill Order Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

  • As people start to attack Mark and Alec, all of a sudden Trina screams, Stop it!
  • Surprisingly, everyone stops. You know, the crazy people who have no minds? They actually stop fighting.
  • Trina then convinces everyone that Mark and Alec are there to help them, and that Trina is one of "them" now.
  • She's lying, but she's doing a good job of it.
  • Then, in silence, Mark starts leading everyone up the stairs nice and slowly. Meanwhile, all of the crazy people are making jokes about them and telling Deedee she's pretty and such.
  • Seriously? This scene is creepy.
  • Once Mark gets to the hallway upstairs, he sees his chance: the door is wide open.
  • He makes a dash for it, but everyone in the house collapses against him and his friends. It's a free-for-all.

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