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The Kill Order Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

  • Pure pandemonium; people are clawing and punching and kicking.
  • Then the worst thing that could happen happens—a man steals Mark's Transvice. Oh no.
  • The only thing to do at this point is run. Somehow, Mark is able to free Deedee and Trina from the attackers.
  • Then, someone leaps into the air to attack Mark. But just as he does this, he vanishes into thin air.
  • Nice, Alec!
  • Oh wait, that wasn't Alec.
  • Yep, the guy who stole the Transvice just learned how to use the thing. Red flag.
  • Mark picks up a lamp and tosses it at a window, shattering it. He then grabs Deedee and jumps through the window, making sure to shield Deedee from the impact.
  • Everyone else follows, and they bolt off—meanwhile, the crazy dude with the Transvice is shooting it at everyone.
  • The man points it at Mark and his friends, but his shots miss completely. The man then turns back to the house, shooting more people at close quarters.

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